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Pendal is an independent, global investment management business focused on delivering superior investment returns for our clients through active management.

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Corporate Sustainability Report

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Corporate Sustainability Report


As a global investment management business we are focused on delivering superior investment returns through active management. Our people are our greatest asset; they contribute to the long-term sustainability and success of our business by delivering positive outcomes for our clients, shareholders and society.

At Pendal, we recognise the benefit and importance of identifying material sustainability risks in our business operations as well as our investments. We view effective management of these risks as critical to establishing a long-term sustainable business and delivering value to our stakeholders.

Our approach to corporate governance and the management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks are reported in our Corporate Governance Statement and Risk Management report which are referenced regularly throughout this report. Links to our Group policies are available in our downloadable data pack here.

Our people

Our people are our greatest assets.

Our clients

We partner with our clients for long-term success.

Our community & environment

We make a positive contribution to society.